Honorary Keynote Speakers

  Keynote Talk: Nature Inspired Computing and Optimization

Pr. Srikanta Patnaik

Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
SOA University



Professor Srikanta Patnaik has graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in 1989 and earned his MBA in 1991 from Sambalpur University. He has received his Ph.D. in Engineering in the year 1999 from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. Presently, Prof. Patnaik, is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SOA University, Bhubaneswar, India. He has published more than 60 technical papers in the national/ international journals and magazines of repute. He is the invited author of the chapter entitled “Cognition Methods and Their Applications in Robotics” published by Kluwer Academic Press, USA, edited by Prof. Cornelius T. Leondes. Prof. Patnaik is also the Editor of the volume on “Innovations in Machine Intelligence and Robot Perception” and “Machine Learning and Robot Perception” published by SPRINGER, Germany. He is also the author of the book “Robot Cognition and Navigation: Experiment with mobile Robot” published from SPRINGER, Germany.

- Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Information and Communication Technology, (IJICT), ISSN (Online): 1741-8070 - ISSN (Print): 1466-6642;
website: www.inderscience.com/ijict

- Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics (IJCVR), ISSN (Online): 1752-914X - ISSN (Print): 1752-9131; website: www.inderscience.com/ijcvr

  Keynote Talk: Centrality Measures for Weighted Graphs and Applictions in Communication Networks

Pr. Vladimir Mazalov

Institute of Applied Mathematical Research.
Karelian Research Centre
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)



Professor Vladimir Mazalov is Research Director at the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, Karelian Research Center, Russian Academy of Sciences. He is also Professor of the Probability Theory Department at Petrozavodsk State University.
He finished his PhD studies at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Leningrad University in 1979. After that he has mainly worked in research projects funded by the Russian Academy of Sciences, in 1980-1998 at the Chita Institute of Natural Resources, East Siberia and, currently, at the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research, Karelian Research Center.
His research interests are related with game theory and stochastic analysis and applications in behavioral biology, networking and economical systems. He was a supervisor of 20 PhD Thesis. He presented the courses of Game Theory for PhD students in Aalto University, Turku University (Finland), Jonkoping University and Vaxjo University (Sweden) and Petrozavodsk University.

Author and editor of several books, such as:
* Mathematical Game Theory and Applications - October 2014
* Game Theory and Applications - August 2013

- Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (2009)
- Laureate of the Young Scientist Contest in basic science of the RAS Siberian Branch
- Prize Winner of Zabaikalsky Komsomol

  Keynote Talk: Open Source Software Development link to Green Information Technologies

Pr. Nasser Jamalkhan

Researcher in Environmental Management Practices



Professor Nasser Jamalkhan is the founder of Open Source Development Ltd and a Lecturer in Global Management and Marketing in the UK. As a former CEO he is a professional consultant and a certified trainer to global businesses.

He became the International Business Development director and CIO of a group of companies which were diversifying products and services around the world. During that time he had the opportunity to develop collaborations with Universities and setup offshore Business-facing Schools with links to industry. This led him to becoming a visiting professor at universities in North America, Europe and in Africa.

Over the past 20 years his interests in research, training and conferences across the world has provided him a wealth of knowledge of consumer behaviours, ethics and culture across the world. He designs and implements accredited professional development programmes in Global Marketing and Outsourcing which are credited with CPD hours and earn points towards professional qualifications. His client portfolio is mainly in the EMEA countries for FMCG organisations and their products.

  Keynote Talk: Agent Oriented Approaches : Principle, Methodology and Applications

Pr. Abderrafiaa Koukam

Institut de Recherche sur les Transports, l´Énergie, et la Société
Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard



Pr. Abderrafiaa Koukam is a professor at the "Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard" (UTBM). He obtained his Ph.D at the "Université de Nancy 1" and his Habilitation to direct research at the "Université de Bourgogne".
He was Director of the "Laboratoire Systèmes et Transports", Vice President of the Scientific Council of UTBM, Director of Computer Science Departement and the founder of the team Multi-agent Systems and Optimization.
His research focuses on multi-agent systems: modeling, simulation, verification.
He assumed the coordination of two European projects (TRASCOM 2002-2004, SURE 2003-2005),several national projects (CRISTAL, ANR SafePlatoon,...), and contracts with industry in the following areas: transportation planning, mobile networks, traffic flow simulation in industrial sites, and intelligent vehicle.

Pr. Abderrafiaa Koukam is an author of more than 200 papers:
- more than 50 international journals
- more than 120 international conferences
- more than 20 book chapters

  Keynote Talk: Big Data: A Substantial Shift in Information Technology

Pr. Mohamed Adel Serhani

College of Information Technology
UAE University



Dr. M. Adel Serhani is currently an Associate Professor, College of Information Technology, U.A.E University, Al Ain, U.A.E. He is also an Adjunct faculty in CIISE, Concordia University, Canada. Dr. Serhani holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Concordia University, Canada (August 2006), and MSc. in Software Engineering from University of Montreal, Canada (January 2002).
Serhani´s main research interests include: Non-invasive Smart health monitoring, Cloud federation and monitoring, Web services architecture, management and QoS monitoring; Web services in Mobile and Ad-Hoc networks; management of communities of Web services; Web services applications and security; and Cloud data centers for intensive e-health data, applications, and services; SLA enforcement in Cloud Data centers, and Big data value chain.
Dr. Serhani has a large experience earned throughout his involvement and management of different R&D projects. He served on several organizing and Technical Program Committees, including the IEEE DEST, IEEE WiMob, IEEE IWCMC, WMNC, NDT and IIT. He was the program Co-chair of the IEEE conference on Innovations in Information Technology (IIT´13), Chair of IEEE Workshop on Web service (IWCMC´13), Chair of IEEE workshop on Web, Mobile, and Cloud Services (IWCMC´12), and Co-chair of International Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks and their Applications (NDT´12).

He has published more than 80 refereed publications including conferences, journals, a book, and book chapters.

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